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We Are So Happy

"Thanks Christine The floor looks fantastic! We are so happy with how it turned out!! I also wanted to comment on the crew that..."

Monica -

Pleasant and Professional

"The racks and cabinets look very good. Your guys did a great job of installing them. All in all I am very please with the product...."

MIke - Vancouver North Valley

Our Garage Looks Awesome

"Our garage looks awesome, thanks so much for everything!   "

Louise - Richmond

Exceeded Our Expectations

"Thank you for all your hard work in installing the monkey bar system into our garage. Your attention to detail and desire to..."

Carrie & Don - Vancouver, BC

Thank You

"I love it! Thank you. "

Ina E - Vancouver, BC

Highly Recommend

"Between camping, fishing, boating, archery, gardening and other interests our garage was just massive piles of stuff. Every..."

Ross B - North Vancouver, BC

Custom Garage Shelving in Vancouver

There’s more to garage storage than cabinets, wall hooks and big bin systems. More Vancouverites are considering the new and more efficient approach that Garage Storage Vancouver’s Monkey Bars Storage Systems can provide.

  • Adaptable: As your needs change, so can your garage storage layout. The entire bar and hook system can easily be rearranged.
  • Maximum Storage: Our system will allow you to store the most things in the most organized fashion.
  • Warranty Coverage: Monkey Bars Storage Systems always come with a lifetime warranty. That’s how much we believe in our product.

You won’t find another system like ours on the market. Our garage shelving in Vancouver has proven to be the best of the best, and allows you to meet all your storage needs without compromise.

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Garage Shelving Vancouver

Garage Shelving Vancouver

Benefits of Garage Shelving in Vancouver

Just as everyone has different interests – and therefore different needs in terms of storage, Monkey Bars Storage Systems provide a multitude of storage options for all those needs. Garage shelving in Vancouver is one of the many Monkey Bar products.

Shelving: The mounted wall shelving units will get all your storage bins and large, heavier items off the floor.

Hooks: The hooks provide storage solutions for day-to-day items like large gardening tools, bikes and other large items.

Layered Storage: Layering your storage items will provide you more garage space while keeping needed items together in one location. No more digging through the piles to find what you need.

No other shelving system can store more in less space than ours. We truly have the best garage shelving Vancouver has to offer.

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Extreme Home Makeover

EM:HE And Property Brothers

Contact Us to get the same product used in many renovations on the well known TV shows Extreme Makeover Home Edition and HGTV’s Property Brothers.

With all the storage competition on the market today, it’s no wonder Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Property Brothers have turned to Monkey Bars Garage Systems to complete some of their tougher storage challenges on the popular TV shows.

organizing your garage is organizing your life

Monkey Bars products can help get your life organized and give you the best use of storage space in your Vancouver-area garage.

Having sports equipment, tools and other items accessible and at your finger tips is the ideal storage scenario. Long-term storage can go up high on our system, and more day-to-day items can stay down low and become easily accessible to you and your family.

So let us help you organize your garage by providing the best garage shelves Vancouver has to offer!

Monkey bars highlighted Benefits

Free up Space: Gain more space in your garage by using our wall mounted shelving and hook systems.

Work with what you have: Monkey Bars can be adapted for your garage in order to complement existing storage units such as overhead storage systems and garage cabinets.

Everything off the floor: Floor space is a huge benefit to our customers. Our focus is to design a layout that will get all of your storage off the floor – and your car back where it belongs.

Warrantee Coverage: Monkey Bars Storage Systems all come with a lifetime warrantee.

16″ deep garage shelving

  • 6 adjustable Monkey Bar positions

24″ deep garage shelving

  • 10 adjustable Monkey Bar positions

12″ drop down shelving

  • Choose 1 to 5 tiers
  • Shelves 12” deep x 40” long

24″ garage inverted shelving

  • Goes over windows & doors

Garage Work Bench

  • Custom to your height
  • Hang tools underneath on Monkey Bar

Garage Sitting Bench

  • Custom to your height

Monkey Bars

  • Snaps in and out
  • 2 sizes for convenience 35” & 51”

Monkey Bars Hooks

  • Hang almost anything off the ground
  • Snap on any of 10 hooks & slide
Ball Bag
Sports Bag

  • Large & small sizes
  • Kids love to use ball bag!

Bucket Rack

  • Hold 1 to 9 buckets

Saddle Rack

  • Hold 1 to 9 saddles

Kayak Rack

  • Hold 1 to 2 kayaks/canoes at at time

by on May 29, 2012