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Customer Testimonials

We Are So Happy

"Thanks Christine The floor looks fantastic! We are so happy with how it turned out!! I also wanted to comment on the crew that..."

Monica -

Pleasant and Professional

"The racks and cabinets look very good. Your guys did a great job of installing them. All in all I am very please with the product...."

MIke - Vancouver North Valley

Our Garage Looks Awesome

"Our garage looks awesome, thanks so much for everything!   "

Louise - Richmond

Exceeded Our Expectations

"Thank you for all your hard work in installing the monkey bar system into our garage. Your attention to detail and desire to..."

Carrie & Don - Vancouver, BC

Thank You

"I love it! Thank you. "

Ina E - Vancouver, BC

Highly Recommend

"Between camping, fishing, boating, archery, gardening and other interests our garage was just massive piles of stuff. Every..."

Ross B - North Vancouver, BC

Maintenance Free Garage Flooring in Vancouver

Monkey Bars takes everything off your floor to get you ready for the first step: stunning, durable garage flooring in Vancouver from Garage Storage Vancouver!

  • Floor Coating: Creates a seamless and gapless surface that protects from stains and water damage
  • Durable and easy to maintain: Can be mopped with a household cleaner, or you can even hose it off!

Our garage floor coatings are the first step in transforming your garage from dusty unusable to a beautiful, maintained part of your home. Ready to get started? Go to: Garage Floor Coating Vancouver!
Garage Flooring Vancouver After

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Garage Flooring Vancouver

Garage Flooring Vancouver Options

Benefits of Garage Flooring in Vancouver

Monkey Bars Storage Systems will provide you with a smooth, crack proof and waterproof surface to kick-start your new garage. Contact Garage Storage Vancouver, your Monkeys Bars floor rep in Vancouver to get started today!

  • Full Floor Prep: We will prepare your floor by stripping away any old coating, filling any pits, cracks or gaps and smoothing any bumps or grooves before applying our product.
  • The installation: This process is two steps and normally takes up to two days to complete. The garage is usually ready for any vehicles just 24 hours after completion.
  • Wide Selection: You will be provided with a variety of granite and solid finishes, ensuring your floor will match your practical and visual needs.
  • Safe Chemicals: We use only non-toxic chemicals that are low in VOC and will not emit harmful vapors.

Extreme Home Makeover

EM:HE And Property Brothers

Contact Us to get the same product used in many renovations on the well known TV shows Extreme Makeover Home Edition and HGTV’s Property Brothers.

Garage Flooring vancouver benefits

Clean floor:  Aside from the practical aspects, this floor will have visual appeal and is a great finishing touch to any garage renovation.

Easy to maintain: With your floor clear and free of clutter, cleaning is easier than ever before.

So long, stains:  Our floors are sealed and crack free, so all you need to clean up oil spills or leaks is a rag and some cleaner.

No defects:  We repair any bumps or grooves in your floor prior to application, leaving you with an attractive and smooth surface.

Completely sealed:  Your garage will no longer be dusty and dirty with our sealed finishes keeping out any unwanted particles.

Many Color Options: We have many solid color options and also textured options to give your garage floor a granite-like appeal.

Textured Garage Flooring Options

garage epoxy colors
Saddle Tan
garage epoxy colors
garage epoxy colors

garage epoxy colors
Cafe Mocha
garage epoxy colors

by on May 29, 2012