Simple Steps For Major Change

Garage Storage Vancouver just had a great opportunity to install garage shelving in Richmond for a family that loved their relatives garage storage system so much, they had to get their very own! It was great to see how the simple installation of the Monkey Bars System made such a large change for their garage. Garage shelving for Richmond residents is a recommended solution for any garage storage space. Being able to hold 1000 lbs for every 4 ft of shelving allows for 3x more storage capabilities. Saving space is a quality that we love about Monkey Bars garage shelving. Richmond is one of our favorite areas to serve, and we love the relationships we build! Don’t wait any longer, join the movement to organize your space and your life! Call us today to get ahold of the best garage shelving Richmond has to offer!

Garage Shelving RichmondGarage Shelves Richmond

Room For Shoes

Garage Storage RichmondGarage storage in Richmond has unlimited opportunities with the Monkey Bar Storage System. A recent install was for a good friend that wanted her very own and unique garage storage. Richmond residents, you may become jealous to see this multi-level shoe rack, which satisfied our customers wildest dreams!

Don’t be afraid to be creative in your own goals for garage storage in Richmond. The possibilities are endless, and we have the means to make your dreams a reality. We do not follow the “cookie-cutter” methodology, so all our products are made to meet any custom or personalized touch to your garage.

There is no better time than now to get ahold of the best and most durable garage storage Richmond has to offer.

Downsizing to a Condo and Private Garage

garage storage organization before

garage storage organization before

The condo boom continues in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, and the variety of floor plans is impressive. We’ve been noticing especially the number of new condo units under construction here that feature larger square footage and a designated private garage for each unit.

It’s the perfect solution for a family or couple that wants to downsize.

Mike, a recent purchaser of a unit with its own garage, called recently with a very specific request. Mike had seen the Monkey Bar Storage system on our website and thought it would perfectly store his possessions.

Mike had two cars, three kayaks, four bikes and two wetsuits. Tools, various sports accessories and miscellaneous garage items rounded out the list of “stuff.”

Mike also wanted a tool bench and hanging storage that wouldn’t take up too much valuable room and also remained out of sight. Finally, bins would round out the storage products in order for him to stow the “extras.”

Our GarageGuru Approach

While we view every garage project as a puzzle waiting to be solved, our team became very focused on getting Mike the results he needed.

We went over the details several times to ensure we had found homes for all the items Mike needed to store, and to ensure we had created various zones of use. Our solution used a combination of Monkey Bar shelving, cabinets and Steadyrack bike racks.

With a smart combination of just those three storage products, you can easily store everything off the floor and in easily accessible locations.

As a sidebar, we always use the Little Giant Safety Step ladder on our truck. Mike, who obviously has an eye for quality, purchased from us a Little Giant for himself. It’s the only CSA approved ladder in Canada. Once you’ve used one you’ll understand why.

garage storage organization After

How We Did

Once we were done, Mike was very happy with the results. How do we know? He wrote us a great note about his storage-friendly garage!

The racks and cabinets look very good. Your guys did a great job of installing them. All in all I am very please with the product. I have already received a number of comments from other resident who have seen it. Perhaps you will get more business from the building. I will certainly recommend you…. Please thank the installers for their great job. They were very pleasant and professional.”

Thanks Mike. It was our pleasure!


Working With The Property Brothers

Garage OrganizationWow. We’ve had a great and fascinating week at Garage Storage Vancouver! It all started when we were approached by a producer for HGTV TV show the Property Brothers. We were asked to help them out on a garage for one of the show’s residential reno projects. We were very excited – and maybe even a little star-struck!

As with all great projects, the Property Brothers call launched a flurry of activity at Garage Storage Vancouver. And we’re so happy to say we received great support from our friendly suppliers, including Monkey Bars Garage Storage Systems, Challenger Cabinets and Steadyrack Bike Racks. Special mention for stepping up with some perfect showroom space goes to Frogbox, purveyor of the eco-friendly, re-usable moving box. Great people, all of them.

It’s truly satisfying to see businesses helping each other out and building ties that will no doubt continue to grow. It’s a big part of why we show up for work each day. And what are the Property Brothers like in real life? They’re two genuinely nice, considerate professionals who made the entire garage project a positive experience. The Garage Storage Vancouver team couldn’t be happier!

Watch for the episode featuring our product in early 2014!!!

Downsizing Dilemma

Garage Organization in Vancouver: The Problem

Our two friends moved from their long time home to a lovely new, smaller townhouse on the North Shore. This new development has a two-car garage – but not a lot of storage in the house causing a few problems with their garage organization. We got a call from Sarah needing our help. She wanted to know how you could store off season things, everyday items and a couple of cars in her garage.

After discussing multiple questions like “What do you use the most?” “What has no place in the house?” and “What could go?”. We decided that Sarah needed  a 24″ depth shelf to get started on her garage organization in Vancouver. The 24″ shelf was placed running along one of the sidewalls for the bigger and out of season items. Then we decided on lower profile shelves to place under the 24” shelf for everyday items.

We also decided on a short inverted bracket shelf above the hood where there was wasted space that could be used for storage. Finally, we utilized a corner with some single bars and a variety of hooks for odd items like bike helmets etc.

The Solution

Sarah can park in the garage, exiting the car in the middle of the two car garage – with storage all down one side. We were able to create a custom solution for her problem on the spot, keeping the storage issues in mind. In the end Sarah’s problems with garage organization in Vancouver were solved leaving her with an organized and functional garage!

Does your garage seem like it could use a little TLC? We provide solutions in garage organization Vancouver families will love and be able to easily maintain.

Garage organization Vancouver Shelving

Vancouver Garage organization

Garage organization Vancouver


Organizing for January

Garage Storage Vancouver sez:

I love January!

I don’t know about you but I always look forward to January! There are lots
of reasons: It’s my mother’s birth month, another Christmas is over and I get inspired by new things.

It’s a time when I want to put my best foot forward – starting with cleaning and organizing. Sometimes it even includes chasing my teenage sons out the door before they’re conscripted to help!

If I were lucky enough to have a proper garage (we’ll convert that carport
sooner or later), that’s where my cast-offs would end up. But I wouldn’t be
finished with the job just by moving possessions to a different space!

At Garage Storage Vancouver, we regularly find well-sorted piles in people’s garages, placed there with the best intentions. Often they start as small piles and grow very quickly
with the recycling, the bikes people aren’t using that day… you know how
it happens.

There are many ways to limit the damage – here are three for starters.

  1. Label everything! Whether it is going to the charity thrift shop, to
    friends or to the trash, labeling means you don’t have to try and figure out
    a plan twice.
  2. Organize one physical space at a time — and finish it. Make that trip to the dump the very same day.
  3. Remember this is a process that in reality is on-going. All the ‘stuff’ that is in your space didn’t get there in one day. Spaces will stay organized only if you make it part of your system.

Speaking of putting your best foot forward, here’s an example of some recent
stuff coming in – including Holiday socks for the whole family!…

holiday socks